360 Threat Protection Out Of The Box

Full Endpoint Protection

Get unmatched protection against advanced endpoint threats, including NGAV and device control, as demonstrated by real world and leading MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation results.

Extended Threat Detection

Expanded visibility across endpoints, networks and users provides the layered protection capabilities of EDR, Deception, User Behavior Analytics rules, Network detection rules and Threat Intelligence out of the box.

Reduce SaaS and Cloud Risks

Automatically identify, prioritize and track configuration errors across all your SaaS and Cloud applications allowing you to analyze and fix issues with a single click.

IT & Security Operations

Extensive operational functions such as IT Hygiene, vulnerability management, and Asset Inventory.

Complete protection and visibility across your environment

Gain Full Protection

Achieve the integrated capabilities of Next-Generation Antivirus, Endpoint Detection and Response, Network Detection Rules, Deception, User Behavioral Analytics, SaaS, and Cloud Application Security.

Eliminate Alert Overload

Receive highly accurate alerts by combining multiple threat signals and rely on automated response actions to reduce the need for manual intervention.


Increase Your Team’s Bandwidth

Become more productive and eliminate time-consuming manual tasks by automating workflows and accelerating threat detection, investigation, and response.


Reduce Cost and Complexity

Avoid the costly and resource-intensive operation of multiple prevention and detection technologies.