SLA - IT Support

1. Service Description

1.1. Service Scope: Webkox provides IT support services to clients, including but not limited to troubleshooting software and hardware issues, network support, system maintenance, and user assistance.

1.2. Support Channels: IT support is available through various channels including phone support, email support, and a ticketing system.

1.3. Service Hours: IT support is available during regular business hours excluding public holidays.

2. Response Time

2.1. Priority Levels: Issues reported by clients will be categorized into priority levels based on severity and impact on business operations.

2.2. Response Time Targets:

  • Critical Priority (Priority 1): Immediate response within 1 hour.
  • High Priority (Priority 2): Response within 3 hours.
  • Medium Priority (Priority 3): Response within 5 hours.
  • Low Priority (Priority 4): Response within 8 hours.

3. Resolution Time

3.1. Priority Levels:

  • Critical Priority (Priority 1): Issues impacting critical business operations will be prioritized for immediate resolution.
  • High Priority (Priority 2): Issues with significant impact on business operations but not critical will be resolved within 4 hours.
  • Medium Priority (Priority 3): Issues affecting multiple users or departments but not critical will be resolved within 8 hours.
  • Low Priority (Priority 4): Non-urgent issues will be resolved within 24 hours.

3.2. Resolution Efforts: Webkox will make reasonable efforts to resolve reported issues within the specified resolution timeframes. In cases where resolution may take longer, regular updates will be provided to the client regarding the status of the issue.

4. Escalation Procedures

4.1. Internal Escalation: If an issue cannot be resolved within the specified timeframes, it will be escalated internally to higher-level support staff or management for further investigation and resolution.

4.2. Client Escalation: Clients may escalate unresolved issues by contacting designated escalation points provided by Webkox. Escalations should include relevant details and information regarding the issue.

5. Maintenance and Updates

5.1. Scheduled Maintenance: Webkox will notify clients in advance of any scheduled maintenance or updates that may impact IT systems or services. Maintenance activities will be performed during off-peak hours whenever possible to minimize disruption to business operations.

6. Performance Metrics

6.1. Service Availability: Webkox aims to maintain a minimum service availability of 99% during business hours, excluding scheduled maintenance windows.

6.2. Client Satisfaction: Client feedback will be periodically collected to assess satisfaction with IT support services. Feedback will be used to identify areas for improvement and enhance service delivery.

7. Service Reporting

7.1. Service Reports: Webkox will provide regular service reports to clients summarizing support activities, including the number of tickets resolved, response times, and resolution times. Reports will be provided on a monthly basis or as agreed upon with the client.

8. Communication

8.1. Communication Channels: Webkox will maintain open communication channels with clients through email, phone, and ticketing systems for reporting issues, providing updates, and resolving queries.

9. Service Level Review

9.1. SLA Review: The SLA will be reviewed periodically to ensure it remains aligned with client requirements and industry best practices. Any necessary updates or revisions will be communicated to clients in advance.

10. Contact Information

10.1. For any questions or concerns regarding this SLA or IT support services, please contact us at

By availing of our IT support services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the terms of this SLA. This SLA constitutes the agreement between you and Webkox regarding IT support services.