SLA - Cyber Security

1. Service Description

1.1. Service Scope: Webkox provides cybersecurity services aimed at protecting client systems, networks, and data from security threats, vulnerabilities, and breaches.

1.2. Service Offerings: Cybersecurity services include but are not limited to network security assessments, vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, security incident response, and security awareness training depending on the plan selected by the client.

1.3. Service Hours: Cybersecurity services are available during regular business hours excluding public holidays. Emergency support may be available outside of business hours as agreed upon with the client.

2. Response Time

2.1. Priority Levels: Reported cybersecurity incidents will be categorized into priority levels based on severity and potential impact on client systems and data.

2.2. Response Time Targets:

  • Critical Priority (Priority 1): Immediate response within 1 hour.
  • High Priority (Priority 2): Response within 3 hours.
  • Medium Priority (Priority 3): Response within 5 hours.
  • Low Priority (Priority 4): Response within 8 hours.

3. Incident Resolution

3.1. Priority Levels:

  • Critical Priority (Priority 1): Critical security incidents posing an immediate threat to client systems or data will be prioritized for immediate resolution.
  • High Priority (Priority 2): High-severity incidents with significant potential impact on security will be resolved within 24 hours.
  • Medium Priority (Priority 3): Moderate severity incidents affecting specific systems or users will be resolved within 48 hours.
  • Low Priority (Priority 4): Low-severity incidents or general inquiries will be addressed within 72 hours.

3.2. Resolution Efforts: Webkox will make every effort to promptly investigate and resolve reported cybersecurity incidents. In cases where resolution may take longer, regular updates will be provided to the client regarding the status of the incident and ongoing remediation efforts.

4. Escalation Procedures

4.1. Internal Escalation: If an incident cannot be resolved within the specified timeframes, it will be escalated internally to higher-level cybersecurity experts or management for further investigation and resolution.

4.2. Client Escalation: Clients may escalate unresolved cybersecurity incidents by contacting designated escalation points provided by Webkox. Escalations should include relevant details and information regarding the incident.

5. Security Monitoring

5.1. Continuous Monitoring: Webkox will provide ongoing monitoring of client systems and networks for security threats, vulnerabilities, and suspicious activities. This may include real-time monitoring, log analysis, and threat intelligence gathering.

6. Maintenance and Updates

6.1. Security Updates: Webkox will ensure that client systems are regularly updated with the latest security patches and updates to mitigate known vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

6.2. Scheduled Assessments: Regular security assessments, including vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, will be scheduled as per agreed intervals to proactively identify and address security risks.

7. Compliance and Reporting

7.1. Compliance Checks: Webkox will assist clients in maintaining compliance with relevant cybersecurity regulations and standards, including GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.

7.2. Security Reports: Webkox will provide regular security reports to clients summarizing security activities, including incident response, threat analysis, and compliance status. Reports will be provided on a monthly or quarterly basis, or as agreed upon with the client.

8. Communication

8.1. Communication Channels: Webkox will maintain open communication channels with clients through email, phone, and secure messaging platforms for reporting incidents, providing updates, and sharing security advisories.

9. Service Level Review

9.1. SLA Review: The SLA will be reviewed periodically to ensure it remains aligned with client cybersecurity needs and evolving threat landscapes. Any necessary updates or revisions will be communicated to clients in advance.

10. Contact Information

10.1. For any questions or concerns regarding this SLA or cybersecurity services, please contact us at

By availing of our cybersecurity services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the terms of this SLA. This SLA constitutes the agreement between you and Webkox regarding cybersecurity services.